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Registration Info

  • Adult Teams

    Choose from 2 registration options:

    1) Special Team Fee Pricing with Fundraising Component

    Team Fee

    Minimum Team Fundraise Amount


    $300 Per Team


    $500 Per Team

    Set Up Your Team's Fundraising Page!

    (Just 1 per team)

    - Team Captain registering with the above model must create a team fundraising page at the JDRF website: SET UP HERE

    - Minimum fundraise amount must be met 2 weeks prior to event date
    - In the event a team is unable to meet the minimum fundraise amount, the Team Captain will pay the regular team fee of $300 (minus fee already paid). The fundraising portion cannot be applicable to the team fee. All funds raised up to that point will go toward JDRF.
    - In the event that a team registers for the minimum $200 fundraising option, but exceeds the target and hits the $500 mark, we are unable to retro-actively adjust the registration fees to a lower amount. The good news is tho, the team will be eligible for great prizes as a successful fundraising team.
    - All team fees are non-refundable

    - Teams with high fundraising amount will be entitled to lots of great prizes!!

    2) Regular Team Fee with Optional Fundraising

    Early Bird Team Fee

    Regular Team Fee



    Early Bird may be over, but be sure to use the code BIGBLUEBALLS to get $50 OFF your Regular Team Fees!

    *All team fees are subject to taxes
  • Youth

    Youth Division

    If you are in the ages of 16 - 18, be ready to get your dodge on!!

    What you need before you register:

    1) Designate one person on the team to be the Team Captain. The Captain will be responsible for ensuring there
    are enough players on the team and that they are registered, and forwarding any email updates from us to the rest of the team.

    2) This is a charity event, which means the more funds you raise, the more you will contribute to the cause that one day,
    diabetes will be cured for good. We will be awarding the team with the most funds raised with a really amazing prize, better than the winner of the tournament. If you are a Team Captain, all you have to do is start a team fundraising page for your team - then work your magic!


    A minimum donation of $5 per player with proceeds going to JDRF.

    Easy enough, right? Just scroll down to register!
  • Game Format

    - Games are 6 vs 6 Coed
    - Minimum 2 female players on each team
    - Min.6 and max. of 12 players (We suggest no more than 8)
    - Teams will be tiered based on round robin results
    - All teams advance to playoffs
    - Official IDA rules and refereeing will be used

    For the Youth Division:

    - Players must be in the ages of 16-18
    - A maximum of 3 players are allowed in the ages of 14-15
    - The Youth Division will only play on Saturday July 27th

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